Installation of H1-C1 interface for IVT Rego1000 Heatpumps

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Installation of H1-C1 interface for IVT Rego1000 Heatpumps

Postby Peter » Wed Dec 04, 2013 17:33

Interface install instructions for the H1-C1 interface for Rego1000 based heatpumps such as the IVT Greenline HE / HC series.

Thank you for purchasing our solution for IVT / Bosch / Buderus / Junkers heat pumps using the H1 interface. This interface is easy to install and supports upgradable firmware to enable for coming features. The H1 interface has to be synchronized (teamed) with your specific version of Rego1000. This will happen automatically at first power up of heat pump. Shortly after H1 har been synchronized there is a risk that communication problem alarms will be raised. To avoid that, restart the heatpump after 2 minutes of the first start with the interface. After synchronisation is performed it will be no alarms on power up of heat pump.

Steps to install interface
1. Power down the heat pump and open the front cover and the cover for the electrical parts.
2. Pull down the interface cable from a cable-hole on the heatpump top.
3. Locate the I/O card as pictured below.
4. Connect the 4 wire cable as instructed.
5. Power up the heat pump. (The interface LED will first lit continously for about 10 seconds and then blink irregular when syncronized successfully)
6. After about 2 minutes, power down the heatpump once more and then power it up again (This is to avoid alarms after H1-Rego1000 has syncronized/teamed with your Rego1000)

Code: Select all
Colour    function     Plint no
Black     Ground           35
Green     can L            36
Yellow    can H            37
Red       +12v             38

The cable is connected to the closest black plint. (plint no 35-38)
Be very careful and double check that wires are conneted correct and are not loose.

The Interface connected to standard size Greenline heat pumps with PXB i/o board

The Interface connected to larger Greenline heat pumps with PEL i/o board

For easier access, the black connector can be pulled off.

Correct behaviour
At FIRST power up of heat pump the LED flashes 12 times and then irregular for 6 seconds, Then LED lit continuously for about 8-15 seconds.
After that it should flash irregular and fast continuously.

At power AFTER the first start up of heat pump the LED flashes 12 times and after that irregular continuously.

Failing behaviour
LED flashes 12 times and then stops for 1 second, an repeat again (The firmware is missing, interface is in boot loader status, try to upgrade interface using StatLink)
LED flashes 12 times and then stops for 6 second, an repeat again (The interface cannot communicate with CAN bus correctly, check connections to heatpump)
LED is not lighting up. (No power to interface or broken interface)
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Re: Installation of H1-C1 interface for IVT Rego1000 Heatpum

Postby cpalm » Tue Jan 09, 2018 16:42

I'm about to install the H1-C1 but I have a couple of questions that I didn't find an answer to.
1. What are the specific requirements for the rs232 interface wrt signal level (i.e. TTL vs. standard rs232) and hardware flow control (i.e. RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR)? I assume that the H1-C1 does not require any power from the rs232 side(?)
2. Does the H1-C1 provide any "galvanic" isolation between the DTE and the heat pump? Is it advisable to add either a CAN bus or rs232 isolator to prevent damage to the heat pump?
3. Is it possible to switch between rs232 and rs485 on the H1-C1 or are those options physically different?
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Re: Installation of H1-C1 interface for IVT Rego1000 Heatpum

Postby Husdata » Wed Jan 10, 2018 21:15

1. It is starndard RS-232 signal level, not TTL. There are no hardware flow control. No power is needed from the computer side.
2. The interface has a DC/DC converter for power and an serial data isolation circuit so there are no electrical connection between Computer and VP. You can add additional isolation if you feel more comfortable. However, several hundreds of these adapters are sold and I have not heard of any problems caused of isolation limits. In 10 years there have been 2 cases of lightning damages. But that took our heatpump, interface, all network equipment, TV:s in the houses and that is hard to fully be covered on.
3. They are physically different.
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Re: Installation of H1-C1 interface for IVT Rego1000 Heatpum

Postby Ahwell » Mon Feb 19, 2018 22:07

Hi there,

any suggestion why my newly bought H1-C1 can not make connection with statlink to IVT Rego1000?

At the bottom of the Statlink window stands "requesting firmware version"

Led in a H1-C1 is blinking irregularily all the time but didn't really see Led behaviour like instruction tells at the first time when power it up.

Any idea what could be the reason for this?
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