Actions: Basics

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Actions: Basics

Postby Peter » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:14

Actions is a feature in StatLink that will enable you to schedule events.
These events can for example gererate reports, store pictures, send email or store to database. Actions are run with the intervals that you configure.

Youc configure Actions by going to the menue File - > Setup.
Select the tab Actions


Your description of this action. This text will show up in the “actions” menu in the application and also in trace-logs.
Valid settings: <Any text>

The type of action to be run.

Snapshot picture
Report to file
ODBC Insert

Set if the Action is active or not

This is the run interval for the action.
<num> in Minutes. Ex. 5= Will run action every 5 minutes.
<time> in HH:MM. ex. 09:55=Will run action at 09:55 every day


Snapshot picture
With snapshot function you can take a screenshot of the StatLink application windows.
OutputFile: Enter the path and filename to store. Ex. C:\\pic.jpg

Report to file
With report to file function, StatLink will generate reports based on templates.

Send Email: If True, the report will be sent to email adress specified in General tab in Settings.

Filemode: New, Make a new file every time. Append, Append report to existing file. Replace, Write over the previous file.

Input File: Enter the Path and File to the template to base the report on.

Output File: Enter the Path and Filename for generated report.

ODBC Insert
ODBC Insert is similar to Report to file exept that the output is written to database. The database connection is setup in Windows ODBC administrator.

Please the separate guide about this issue
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