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About Statlink for H60

Postby Husdata » Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:30

The StatLink Windows software has been around since the first days of Husdata. It has served as the application towards our Serial port / USB connected heat pump interfaces.
Now StatLink has been reworked so that it instead communicates over local network with the H60 and heat pump.

So StatLink is old but still has many usable features, for example:

* Multi language support. Make you own language file of you want to add a language
* Built in Text file based Database, storing statistics.
* Drag, drop style dersign of Schematics, Floorplans. Make your own background pictures and place objecsts (temp, pumps, etc) as you like.
* Report manager, build line diagram reports. Scroll in time and resolution.
* Connect to ODBC database and store data to own DB
* Store to and generate text files of any format with heat pump data. for example CSV, HTML, XML, json...
* Automatic snapshots to picture file of schematic diagams and graphical reports.
* Summarize Max, Min, Averages, Runtime, etc
* Displays timestamp of every status change in heatpump

Try it out, freely downloadable from our support pages at husdata.se
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