Page 1 of 1 H1 Interface support for TaloLogger released

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 16:21
by olammi
To inform the H1 Interface users, newest TaloLogger version (v1.7h) has H1 Interface support for logging, processing and visualising logged data. There are three related TaloLogger family projects that can be utilised now with the H1 Interface:

  • TaloLogger - a logging software to retrieve data from various data sources, now including H1 Interface, processing data and storing it into a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite3)
  • TaloLoggerGraph - a web graphing software to visualise data from a database (eg. logged by TaloLogger)
  • TaloLoggerPi - a preconfigured TaloLogger and TaloLoggerGraph system for RaspberryPi
The software is donationware, distributed as freeware for individual non-commercial use. The software can be found here: